Captain B737 (TR)

  • Company:Air Horizont
  • Location:Italy
  • Employment type:Contract
To apply, please send your application to: [email protected]. Please indicate the name of the position in the subject line of the e-mail: Captain B737 (TR).
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The talent and passion of our people it is essential for our success. At Air Horizont, we offer a wide variety of job opportunities, both fixed and temporary, as well as offers for experts.

Each and every position contributes to a common goal: create a company that we can be proud of. There are two things that all of our employees share: a passion for flying and a firm commitment to being the best.


All our positions are for people with work permits in the European Union.

Knowledge of English required, minimum at level B1 or equivalent. You will be valued to have knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

Captain of B737, with at least 1500 flight hours in this type of aircraft, Seasonal Contract 2024 based in Milan, Porto or Bratislava.

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