Pilot Expo 2023 Conference plans to gather Aviation professionals from all around Europe in Berlin, to discuss the development of the industry and help achieve quicker recovery of it. This project was funded as part of the Union's response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Well-being and human factors

This Pilot Wellbeing Conference will provide you with key insights into how to maintain your well-being, both in the cockpit and beyond. As pilots, we are faced with so many different challenges on a daily basis that it is easy to forget about our own health and wellbeing.

Current state of industry

The pilot conference is an opportunity for pilots to meet and discuss current state of aviation industry. Topics include news, opportunities and regulations that affect the pilot community.

Pilot conference is the only event where you can see, hear and discuss recent trends in the aviation industry with top-level speakers and former industry leaders. Pilot shares the latest insights on commercial opportunities and regulations that are shaping tomorrow’s aviation landscape.

Non-conventianal aspects of industry

The world of aviation industry is changing. How this change will affect our next generation of pilots and what are the options besides cockpit? Presentations from business leaders and professionals from different disciplines, who have been successful in aviation, with a focus on future outlook.

The future of the aviation industry is here. Pilots are facing change. The demand for pilots, new technology, cost per hour and non -conventional aspects of aviation are changing the face of the pilot industry. This conference will dive deeper into these topics and will leave you with many questions about your career and business model to ask yourself for next year’s conference.

Airline and Recruiter Presentations

Aviation companies are competing for the attention of young potential pilots, offering attractive employment conditions and benefits. With a rapidly expanding aviation industry, there is an increasing number of opportunities to get a job in the sector and benefit from this growing segment.

The pilot conference company presentations provide opportunities for launching a new career, seeing the options, and getting to know aviation industry companies and what potential benefits there are to find. The aim of the pilot conference is to provide a platform for established pilots, aspiring future pilots and those who would like an update on the latest changes in aviation.

Future aspirations

Pilots of all levels, from all fields of industry, have the ability to achieve their future aspirations. Not only does being a pilot bring you significant financial benefits but also a lifestyle that includes travel opportunities, independence, and respect within the industry.

The future of the aviation industry is bright. Future aviators will lead the charge to build a globally connected community through air travel. The sky’s the limit!

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