Tilmann Gabriel

Captain Tilmann Gabriel is the executive chairman of the International Pilot Training Association. An industry stalwart, he has held senior executive positions across the global aviation sector.

A former senior aviation executive with over 35 years of demonstrated results in the aviation industry, a Lufthansa Executive and Training Captain for 20 years, Tilmann Gabriel is one of the few Interim Executives and Consultants in the world, who has earned a reputation for driving business success, profit, and market share in aviation and the related industries. He is regarded as a curator of sustained growth for leading airlines, as well as start-ups, business jet and helicopter operations and aircraft and parts manufacturers.

A global interim executive and board member with leadership experience in European, American, Middle Eastern, and African markets, Gabriel reinforces a safety culture environment while cultivating leadership, integrity and individual responsibility, with years of experience as Airline Accountable/ Postholder.

Gabriel is considered the thought leader in his field and is writing and researching about the future opportunities in air transport and travel systems.

Captain Gabriel’s presentation at Pilot Expo 2019 will be about possibilities for pilots to take managerial positions in aviation industry, about skills and knowledge needed to become a successful airline manager.

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