Søren Rehné

Søren Rehné holds a Master in Computer Science and has worked as both CTO and CEO in both small and large companies.

Some positions included working on large IT projects – including a project monitored by Steve Jobs personally: https://vimeo.com/rehne/stevejobs

And with APP’s going live around the world in all Apple Stores: https://vimeo.com/rehne/steve-loves-popsci

Søren Rehné has worked internationally with companies like Adobe, Meredith Inc., Nike and Time Inc.
and has also assisting Google with their first launch of an Android based tablet.

This video is taken in Googles headquarter showing a device, that was to be launched later: https://vimeo.com/rehne/google-first

Søren Rehné became a pilot in 2012 ( IR(A)SE ) and his instructor was Kenneth Jeppesen, who was in the process of founding FlightLogger.

Together they have scaled FlightLogger to become the most widely used IT solution amongst ATO’s around the the world with customers in 37 countries and more than 37.000 users.


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