Søren Møller

Søren Møller is the co-founder, CEO, and co-owner of the international pilot academy GreyBird, which educates commercial pilots. GreyBird Pilot Academy is a rapidly growing Danish flight school with its sole focus on commercial pilot education. The school offers training on three different bases in Denmark, Sweden, and Spain.

With a background in telecommunication, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as many years of experience in running a business, Søren Møller has steered GreyBird towards becoming the innovative and state-of-the art market leader the company is today.

Together with his co-founders, Søren Møller set out to create a pilot academy grounded on safety, great values, a high level of professionalism, craftsmanship, service, honesty and positive experiences, with the goal of creating the best pilots in the world.

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