Kassandra Stultiens Zandstra

As a young girl she used to go to the airport with her dad to look at landing and departing airplanes. When she was about 12 years old, she wanted to become a pilot.
During high school she chased that dream and chose the subjects she would need for flight training.

After high school, she passed the selection process at a flight academy, but it took her another year to start training, as she couldn’t get financing. In an interesting out-of-the-box way she finally got the funding and started her integrated ATPL course.
When she finished her training at the flight academy the market wasn’t good, so finding a job was not easy. She worked as a load controller at KLM and as a flight attendant at Transavia, before landing her dream job as a Boeing 737 first officer at that last airline.
After many beautiful, exciting & interesting flights, her career ended way too soon due to the loss of her medical licence. As sad as she was, nobody could take away the experience she had and she wanted to use that to motivate and inspire others with that same dream.

These days she is a Boeing 737 typerating instructor and MCC & JOC instructor. Sharing her knowledge with the next generation of pilots is a rewarding job and she’s very proud of her students when she sees them flying around the globe via social media.

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