European Institute of Aviation and Business (EIAB)

Be more than just a pilot! Since 2007, we have been training around 30 young pilots every year according to this principle. Our dual training program with an integrated Bachelor of Science degree is designed not only to prepare you for work in an airline cockpit, but also to provide you with an important foundation for working in a management position.

With us, you will undergo a well-founded, professional and high-quality training that will prepare you for the standards in an airline cockpit right from the start. The special thing about it: We train 100% in the aircraft and deliberately avoid the use of flight simulators. Due to the two hour-building phases in the USA and Germany, you will complete your training with us with significantly more practical experience than is usual in the national comparison.
In theory, the path to the cockpit of a commercial aircraft is quite easy. Similar to a driver’s license, there are a variety of licenses and ratings that a pilot can earn. As often in life, a student pilot starts small and works his way up step by step to the commercial pilot license, the ATPL.

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