Cavok Aviation Training

Are you dreaming of becoming an airline pilot, or just want to fly for fun? Do you need some extra hours, or just want to deepen your knowledge about aviation? We offer a wide range of training options to meet your needs. We are the flight school where you get a professional training by professional pilots. It’s not a joke, our instructors spent in total more than 120.000 hours in the air, some of them were Captains on Tupolev Tu-154, but we also have a former B777 Captain in our team. CAVOK offers the combination of high-quality training at great prices, a large fleet and an easy to reach location in Hungary, as well as lower living costs than in other European Union countries. We have 12 aircrafts (Aero AT-3, Viper SD4, Tecnam P2002, Cessna 150, Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca PA34 types) and 2 FSTD simulators in our fleet, on which we are training pilots in modular or integrated courses. We also have an integrated Airline Pilot Program together with a Hungarian university. In the last 14 years we trained more than 1000 pilots, so why wouldn’t you join us? In Hungary we are the largest operator of new generation aircrafts with BRP-Rotax Engines. International focus is our core value. In addition to Hungary, customers come from various countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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