Flying above the clouds

A320 type rated Pilots

Your new job is here!

SmartLynx Airline continues to expand and we are looking for A320 type rated Pilots who would like to join our multi-cultural company.


We provide:

  • 10 months` pay guaranteed, Experience-based fees
  • Basic Gross Income up to 96 075 Eur + bonuses (Overtime/Excess Sector Pay)
  • Training fees for LTC/TRI/TRE
  • Commuting contract 7days in a row OFF + 2 days for travel
  • Accommodation (while on base)
  • Loss of License/ Life Insurance
  • Paperless Cockpit
  • Bases for the year 2019 – Cardiff, Bristol, London, Charleroi, Brussels.

Requirements for direct entry are:

  • Valid Part FCL EASA issued pilot license, and
  • Valid and current ME-IR, and
  • At least ICAO level 4 English proficiency, and
  • Valid EASA Part-MED certificate class 1*, and
  • Valid A320 type rating in license with:
  • at least 500 block hours as PIC on A320 type for Captains with total flight time 3500 BLH;
  • at least 500 block hours on A320 type for First Officers.


Please apply your CV data using Pilot CV form!
Candidates close to these requirements can also apply for further review. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you`re a Cadet pilot interested in SmartLynx Training Centre (ATO), please apply via:


Assessment time schedule:

15/16 – Feb – 2019 Amsterdam (NL)
15 – Mar – 2019 Amsterdam (NL)


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